British rapper and singer. Her songs
contain evocative political and social commentary regarding immigration, warfare and identity in a globalised world.
Her music combines elements of alternative, dance, electronic, hip hop and world music with eclectic instruments and samples.
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“You have to constantly redefine who you are,” she says. “The fact that I bombard myself against many industries, many cultures, many people, shows me putting content into my head and putting that dimension into my life…

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“The medium is secondary,” she says. “You always have to have an essence, an idea. You do it in a song or a painting, or you make a signpost, or you make a T-shirt, and it’s not enough. It can be even more than that.”
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“Politics has become a big mash of nothing, and to give it time would be a waste, because now with the Internet, it’s obvious what’s going on. It doesn’t take an artist making a huge album about it to understand.…